Annual Parkway Tree Donation Program

It is parkway tree planting time again in Kenilworth. The Village’s Parkway Tree Planting Program is a great way for residents to directly impact the aesthetics of the Village by renewing the tree population, a vital component to Kenilworth’s character.  Trees positively improve the appearance of the Village while offering a variety of additional benefits including absorbing stormwater, improving air quality and supporting local wildlife.  

The Parkway Tree Planting Program offers residents a variety of arborist-recommended trees for planting in the Village’s parkway.  The trees selected for the program are species known to thrive in the region’s climate.  The trees will be purchased from and planted by the Acres Group, a reputable landscaping company used by neighboring municipalities.  The price includes the tree, installation, mulching, initial watering, soil removal and a one year warranty.  Trees will be delivered and planted in the fall. 

To donate a tree please complete the attached forms and send it to Village Hall, 419 Richmond Road, Kenilworth, IL 60043.  All forms must be received by Friday, August 31st.  100% of your contribution will be used to purchase and install parkway trees.  All Parkway Tree Planting Program participants will be recognized in a future Kenilworth Contact community newsletter.  Additionally, the Village will issue letters acknowledging a participant’s contribution, for tax purposes, upon request.

Thank you for your considered participation in the Parkway Tree Planting Program.  This is an opportunity to provide a gift which will be enjoyed by all for generations to come.  

Annual Parkway Tree Donation Program Form